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3 YEARS!!!!!

I'm sorry I missed the 3 years! I thought it was in october!

3 years i've had this journal since august 11th, too weird! Let's recap on everything thats happened this past year since I last wrote 2 years....

I'm a senior now, I got my license. I work at my dance studio as a student assistant and a receptionist, and love it. My mom past away last year September 14th, 2005. I miss her so much everyday, she was my best friend. In feburary me my dad and my sister went to new york, and this past summer we went to florida. Since I wrote that two year update, my hair had been dyed to light brown, to dark brown, and then to black, now w/ bangs. I want my hair back to light brown and no bangs again. I went to prom last year, had such a great time. I went w/ ryan, who is now my boyfriend for 4 months. In exactly a week is the powder puff game, i'm on special team red and gold lmfao. Then that saturday is homecoming, and I can't wait! Halloween this year me, jamie, jenny b, jenny m, megan and joan all plan on going as the village people, I'm the indian. I've applied to some colleges already, Ferris State being my safe college for if I can't get into anywhere else, and Western so far. I would really love to go to Oakland University for majoring in elementary education, but i've been told to consider Central too for their great teaching program. I haven't decided if i'd be able to live that far away from my family lol. Basically that's all I can think of, nothing else besides those things are really coming up.

Oh yea, and I still have meeko lol.

If I dont update again until my 4 year anniversary, I'll already be done with high school, and I'll already be in college. It's so scary to think about... =\
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