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I've been waiting for you

X o X She won't love you like I will
X o X I'm the one who'll stay
X o X When she walks away
X o X And you know, I'll be standing here still!

I don't know if I wrote this earlier, but the Clay Aiken concert was really good!

Yesterday I went over to Megans. We had a lot of fun. When I first got there we exchanged gifts and I got 15$ to somerset, and a carebear ring! Then we went to Mr Mikes house to feed the kitty, and the kitty almost fell over the edge of the stairs LOL I was afraid our family was gonna have to call his again. Then megan and I went back and played pool and dance dance revolution for a while. Then her dad took us up to Krogers and we bought some cupcake mix and made delicious kupkakes, with delicious blakk frosting, omg they were so good. Then we played more dance dance revolution, and then pool again. Then I almost lost ogo :( I also drank 10 cans of 7-up while at Megans. Then my dad picked me up at 10 and we stopped at Krogers on the way home and bk.

Today my mom sister and I went shopping with the money I got for Christmas. I bought a new shirt and two pairs of pants from American Eagle, and a new purse from Kohls. We stopped at KFC on the way home. I didn't really do anything when I came home.

Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair dyed back the color of my roots, which is like... its a weird color. It's inbetween blonde and brown, so dirty blonde I guess, but its tinted a little red? like strawberry dirty blonde haha. Like againist sunlight it looks red. So I'm getting it dyed back to my natural color, and then I'm getting lighter highlights, and then some darker lowlights, which is not the bottom of my hair which a lot of people think, its darker than your natural hair color streaks.

Close your eyes
Fold your hands
For a moment let your sorrow fade
Why oh why are you afraid?
Has this world stripped you, of your faith?
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Okay so we never got to discuss clay. and even tho he had the hugest feet ever and i was laughing at them the whole time some of his songs were really good. My favorite one was "Mary did u know." Its pretty. and overall teh concert was good. except for the sweater he wore which looked like a jail outfit, his feet, and that weird girl who sang theopening somg who forgot the words and the tune. overall, clay is cute in a boy-next-door-way. adios.
I like the way you think Emmy. I wasn't too fond of the sweater either. His friend stood behind us the whole time. I also saw him run in the hallway, you know when his body guard grabbed him and had him run. I think the girl was nervous? I don't know what was up with that little girl. I felt bad for her tho. I like Mary Did you know too, I also like Good news, the last song he sang when they kept switching the lights back and forth. Actually, I liked it so much, I put a part of it at the bottom of this entry haha. Thanks for commenting :)

The kupkakes rokked the house! They were yummy!

I beat you badly at DDR, deal with it...

and at pool... ;) ;) ;)

oh and thank you for the AWESOME KLAY AIKEN SHIRT! it rokked!

The kupkakes were great, but lets not overexagerate on the whole DDR and pool thing.

A. I beat you on DDR more badly than you beat me

B. You kept losing at pool cuz you'd sink the 8 Ball

The case is solved. That'll be 20 dollars.

Your hair looks very nice Mary. It suits you well.
Why thank you!